To The Little Girl at the Skate Park: Never Ask for Permission (and don’t ever wait for an invite)!

 •  November 18

I was at the skate park the other day and a small almost inconsequential incident, took me by surprise and really hit a nerve... I was watching my...

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The Day I Let My Heart “Capture the Moment”, Instead of My Camera

 •  November 5

The other day I took my kids to the big outdoor pool in our area (creatively called “Water World”) for the 1st time this season.   I was...

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Nepal, The Book of Luke & John MacArthur-Oh My!

 •  November 3

Today at church, a relatively new friend of mine, shared about he and his wife’s ministry in Nepal.  They are home on furlough after just...

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Church, After Watching This Can We Please All Agree that ‘Feminism’ is NOT a Bad Word???

 •  October 22

So today my Facebook feed had more than one post of Lily Myers reciting her original work of poetry titled: "Shrinking Women".  It has recieved...

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I Hope My Daughter Knows That Today, She Was Courageous!

 •  October 20

Today at 2PM, I dropped my daughter off to audition for The Wizard of Oz, with a local theatre company.  She clung to me a bit, but after about 3...

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